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Updated: October , HughesNet is currently running 4 promotional deals. Make sure to compare these money saving bundles and promotional offers before.
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The speeds are actually surprisingly fast, but the connections often come with data caps that can limit how much data you use. Satellite connections, like those from HughesNet, are often faster — but with the caveat of data caps limiting your monthly usage. HughesNet offers the option to lease the equipment or buy it outright, and the various fees associated are included below. Long term customers of HughesNet can save a significant amount of money if they own their own equipment.

Hughesnet Internet

If you cancel service prematurely, you will face termination fees in the hundreds of dollars. This means cancelling close to the end of your contract may be significantly less expensive — but still not exactly free. Early Termination Fees are often hidden in the fine print in HughesNet sign-up deals.

Because HughesNet is a satellite provider, your data usage will be capped each month. The amount of data available will depend on the plan you buy, and you will only receive advertised speeds up until that point. However, your connection speeds will be throttled reduced , effectively rendering your connection unusable for anything but checking your email. Take into account your regular internet usage, and purchase a plan that will meet your needs.

Shop HughesNet plans

Listed below are approximations of how much time you could spend doing each activity with the specified data cap. It can quickly get expensive if you purchase data tokens frequently. Data allowances are largely put into place because there is a limited capacity that the HughesNet satellite can handle at any one time. With traditional cable, DSL, and Fiber providers, the primary consideration when shopping for plans is the connection speed.

With satellite providers like HughesNet, however, you also have to consider the data caps. Speaking frankly, HughesNet is not an ideal option for any household that regularly streams video e. Netflix, Hulu, etc — especially for HD video. This plan can handle the basic use of a household of 2—5 people, so long as they don't do much streaming.

Packages and Pricing

You can get away with watching a few Netflix movies on this plan, but keep a close eye on the meter so you don't go over. However, so long as you schedule your game downloads during "free zone" hours from 2am—8am, this connection should be enough for the average gamer. Once you use up your data allotment, HughesNet simply drops the speed on your service down to around 1 Mbps. Our recommendation is that customers use the 50 GB Bonus Zone data pack to handle large downloads, updates, and backups.

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This way, you can download large games or videos without taking a big dent out of your daytime data use. Keep in mind that satellite internet has much higher latency than standard cable or DSL. This mostly matters for serious gamers and running two-way communications like Skype. For more on latency and how it affects your Internet usage, see our Internet latency guide.

Best Satellite Internet Providers - HughesNet vs Viasat (Exede)

This is mianly due to signal degradation over the copper wires that deliver DSL service. HughesNet often has better speeds, but even their larger plans will be challenging for large families with multiple devices. Or even a single user who likes to stream TV every night. This means that even though the speed of HughesNet is more than enough to stream Netflix or chat on Skype, using video services like this will eat through data very quickly compared to DSL or Cable.

AKA the magic box that makes your Wi-Fi work.

Essentially, this is an insurance policy for when you have issues with the equipment. If customer ratings are any guide, you will have issues at some point, and the express repair service will help you get a repairman out to the property faster and cheaper.

HughesNet Internet Speeds

This is for online ordering. Better deals and bargains may be available over the phone. If you go over your data limit in a given month, you have two options with HughesNet: either your speeds are throttled down to around 1 Mbps for the rest of the month, or you can purchase additional data in the following increments:.

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  • The data usage-based pricing can be frustrating, as some readers have noted. The launch of a new satellite promises to drive competition from their primary competitor, Viasat.

    HughesNet Internet Bundles w/ DIRECTV |

    In fact, they are expected to launch a similar technology upgrade in the near future. HughesNet does not offer TV service. It is strictly an Internet and phone service. Both of these providers will require a seperate dish and contract to operate. Does HughesNet have phone service?